11 Ways to Stop a Mosquito Bite from Itching

  Sprinkler Magician
  January 22, 2016

Mosquito Bites. We avoid them at all costs but when they do happen they itch…and itch…and itch until you just can’t take it anymore! Luckily, there are some home remedies that can help stop your mosquito bite from itching. 

Why Does a Mosquito Bite Itch? 

When a mosquito bites you, your body sees the mosquito’s saliva as an intruder it needs to defend against. This triggers your immune system to respond, which sends histamines to your bite, similar to what happens to your body during an allergic reaction. These histamines cause the swelling, inflammation, and itchiness associated with mosquito bites. 

Does Scratching Make Mosquito Bites Worse? 

Yes! Scratching that itch may feel soothing for a moment but it actually spreads the saliva, which releases more histamines in the body and makes the bite itch more! Plus, if you scratch your mosquito bite too hard you can break the skin, which opens it up to bacteria that can lead to an infection. 

10 Home Remedies to Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching 

Find relief from itchy mosquito bites with these home remedies. The best part is you won’t even need to run to the store! 

  1. Dab Rubbing Alcohol on a Fresh Mosquito Bite
  2. Putting rubbing alcohol on mosquito bites could really help the itching. If you notice your mosquito bite shortly after you’ve been bitten, dab on some isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It has antiseptic properties that help prevent infection while also soothing itchiness. 

  3. Use a Cold Green or Black Tea Bag 
  4. A 2012 study found that green and black tea contains anti-inflammatory properties. To soothe a mosquito bite itch, hold a refrigerated, dampened tea bag on the bite. The cold temperature soothes itching while the natural anti-inflammatory properties in tea reduce swelling. 

  5. Rub a Fresh Basil Leaf on Your Bite 
  6. If you’ve read our post about keeping mosquitoes out of your yard you’ll know that basil is a natural mosquito repellent, so you should already be growing some fresh basil plants! In addition to acting as a repellent, basil’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling. Rub a fresh basil leaf on your mosquito bite for some herb-scented relief! 

  7. Spread On Some Honey 
  8. Studies have found that applying honey to wounds reduces inflammation. Honey is also full of antibacterial properties, which works to fight infections. 

  9. Rub in Minced Garlic and Coconut Oil
  10. If you’d rather smell a bit more savory than sweet, garlic will do the trick. Garlic can help reduce swelling and itching. Mix minced garlic with some coconut oil and rub it onto the mosquito bite to stop it from itching. (Plus, garlic actually works well as a mosquito repellent!) 

  11. Use Baking Soda Paste 
  12. Baking soda, being alkaline in nature, neutralizes the PH of the skin and provides relief. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the bite.

  13. Rub a Slice of Lemon 
  14. Lemons contain natural anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Simply cut open a lemon and rub the inside of one of the halves on the bite. Lemons can also be used to keep mosquitoes away — they hate the smell of citrus!

  15. Apply Listerine on a Cotton Ball
  16. Apply Listerine on a cotton ball to the bite — the menthol in Listerine will quickly soothe an itchy mosquito bite.

  17. Smear Toothpaste on Your Mosquito Bite
  18. Yep, toothpaste! The anti-inflammatory ingredients in toothpaste, such as baking soda and menthol, can soothe the itch. Just dab a little on the mosquito bite and feel the relief!

  19. Apply Aloe Vera Gel 
  20. Aloe vera’s natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties are great for mosquito bites. Commonly used as a treatment for sunburn, aloe vera can be found in gel form or you can grow your own aloe vera plant at home. If you have an aloe vera plant, cut a portion of the leaf off and squeeze out the gel inside. Keep the gel in the fridge (whether store-bought or home-grown) for extra cooling relief. 

  21. Apply Vicks Vaoprub
  22. Similar to Listerine, the menthol in Vicks Vaporub helps to take the sting away. As an added bonus, many people claim that the bite disappears faster than it would on its own!

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Bite You? 

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain odors emitted by us, such as sweat and carbon dioxide. Researchers are still studying exactly what traits mosquitoes are most attracted to in humans, but they do know sweat and carbon dioxide tend to attract mosquitoes. 

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes? 

The short answer is yes, but some clothing is better than others when you’re looking to protect yourself from mosquito bites. 

Mosquitoes can bite through thin, tight layers of clothing. The best type of clothing to wear to protect yourself from mosquito bites is loose clothing, such as loose long sleeve shirts and baggier pants — mosquitoes can even bite through tight-fitting denim jeans! 

The thicker your clothing is, the harder it will be for mosquitoes to pierce through it.

The same goes for pets. Mosquitoes can and do bite dogs. Similar to clothing, a heavy coat of fur will act as a barrier, but mosquitoes can still through bite through it. 

How Can I Stop Being Bitten By Mosquitoes? 

While the tips above help you stop your current mosquito bites from itching, it’s important to take steps to prevent mosquitoes from biting you in the first place. You need to take proper steps to eliminate mosquitoes from your home and yard. 

Eliminate Mosquitoes From Your Home 

Read our ultimate guide on getting rid of mosquitoes in and around your home for a full list of mosquito-prevention tips. The most important things to remember are: get rid of any standing water, kill mosquito larvae as fast as possible, and use natural mosquito prevention products. 

Natural Mosquito Prevention That Works 

When getting rid of mosquitoes, you should avoid toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and pose a threat to children, pets, and wildlife. 

Our non-toxic mosquito repellent keeps mosquitoes away from your property using all-naturally ingredients. It’s easy to spray your yard using our hose attachment, backpack sprayer, or hooking our Sprinkler Magician machine up to your property’s existing irrigation system.