Help Control Mosquitoes

8 Tips to Help Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

September 25, 2017

Best Practices for Mosquito Prevention

The mosquitoes are out in full force. They make life absolutely miserable unless you are proactive and take a number of steps to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your quality of life. Let's look at a few mosquito control tips to keep those pesky mosquitoes under control.

1. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes typically breed in or near areas of standing water. If you have bird baths, puddles or any other source of standing water on your property, eliminate it, at the first step to proper mosquito control. The mosquitoes will likely head to other areas where water is more prevalent.

2. Mosquito Prevention: Clean Those Gutters!

Even a clogged gutter can accumulate enough water to house hundreds of mosquitoes. Unclog those downspouts and clean off water on flat roofs to improve your mosquito control. Remember, they only need a thimble full of water to breed!

3. Be Careful Following a Storm

If a storm passes through, it might uproot trees and create soil depressions. These spaces can collect rainwater, attract mosquitoes and sabotage your mosquito control efforts. Even a minor indentation in your yard following the fall of an object during a storm can allow water to pool and create a mosquito breeding ground. Have these areas of your yard repaired as quickly as possible in the aftermath of any storms?

4. Fill Open Tree Holes for Optimal Mosquito Control

If your trees or stumps have any sort of holes, do not underestimate their ability to serve as a mosquito breeding grounds. These small holes should be filled with sealant or mortar so water does not accumulate. Though this might seem like a minor mosquito control method, it can pay big dividends. All it takes is a small hole in a tree or stump where water has collected to provide a breeding space that produces hundreds or even thousands of new mosquitoes.

5. Best Mosquito Prevention: Store Items in the Appropriate Manner

If you have buckets, cans, tires and other refuse around your home that has the potential to hold water, don't let it sit in your yard. Empty the water that has collected in these items and put them away in a safe storage space where they can't accumulate water.

6. Repair Outdoor Faucets Right Away

If your outdoor faucet is leaking, it will gradually form a puddle that brings in the mosquitoes and encourages them to breed. Have leaky faucets repaired as soon as possible? Even a seemingly minor leak from an air conditioner can form a puddle that attracts mosquitoes.

7. Add Some Mosquito-eating Fish to Your Ornamental Pool

If your yard has an ornamental pool, add some mosquito-eating fish as an alternative, natural mosquito control system. This might seem like an odd means of mosquito control yet it really works. Mosquito-eating fish probably won't eliminate all the mosquitoes in your yard but their contribution will certainly help. Furthermore, ornamental pools should be aerated. Aeration disturbs mosquitoes, sending them elsewhere to lay their eggs.

8. Be Careful When Watering Your Lawn

Do not water your lawn or garden in a haphazard manner. The last thing you need is for water to accumulate in these areas and bring in the mosquitoes. When in doubt, use a little less water to prevent the formation of puddles that attract mosquitoes.