A Natural, Safe Mosquito Repellent for Pest Control Operators

A Natural, Safe Mosquito Repellent for Pest Control Operators

Your customers want their yards to be free of mosquitoes and other biting pests, but they also want a safe alternative to the harsh chemicals that most mosquito spraying companies use.

Mosquito Magician is a highly effective but completely safe mosquito repellent that won’t harm your customers, their children, their pets or the environment—and you can use it with the equipment you already have.

The best mosquito repellent available without harmful chemicals

Mosquito Magician is the best natural mosquito repellent on the market today with no pyrethrins (a chemical that is usually synthetically made that kills by interfering with the way the nerves and brain function) or nerve poisons of any kind. Instead, we use a very potent blend of six essential oils that have been used individually for thousands of years!

The difference today is that through laboratory testing, we were able to determine the exact proportions in which to combine these ingredients, and which ingredients work best.

This makes it a great choice for people, families, and pest control operators whose customers are looking for a nontoxic way to get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects.


Not only is Mosquito Magician an effective and safe mosquito repellent, but it’s extremely long-lasting thanks to the concentrate’s inert ingredients, which allow the active ingredients to adhere to plants and continue to work for up to two weeks at a time.

Proven in laboratory testing to kill and repel mosquitoes

Mosquito Magician has many years of proven use and laboratory testing. We put a huge amount of research and development into creating a natural concentrate that would effectively kill and repel mosquitoes.

During our initial R&D phase, we tried every device that attracts mosquitoes before eventually deciding on a different approach. We hired organic chemists to create the ideal formula that would kill all mosquitoes that it comes into contact with.

With each breakthrough, we sent samples to independent labs to test on real mosquitoes and carefully recorded the kill and repellency rates. After 5 years of extensive testing, we found the most effective combination of essential oils and natural ingredients that will get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects while being completely safe to use around pets and children.

The Mosquito Magician concentrate is simply the best mosquito repellent available. It is also a great choice for both homeowners and pest control operators who want to use a product they can feel good about and that they know is proven to be truly safe.

Our concentrate works with most mosquito spraying equipment

The Mosquito Magician concentrate can be used with most common types of mosquito spraying equipment that commercial pest control companies use, including:

  • Mosquito foggers
  • Backpack sprayers
  • Tractor-mounted spray booms

It can also be used with conventional mosquito misting systems as a safe and natural alternative to the more commonly used pyrethrin pesticides, while effectively controlling mosquitoes.

Large resorts use Mosquito Magician for mosquito abatement

Many premier hotels and resorts in the Caribbean and United States use Mosquito Magician for mosquito abatement because they know it works.

The natural concentrate helps the resorts keep their guests safe, especially during the recent Zika virus outbreak. More importantly, it also allows them to keep their green certificate in sustainable tourism because the mosquito repellent spray is not only effective but 100% safe.

Mosquito Magician is proud to help many of the largest Caribbean resorts stay in compliance with the highest international standards of sustainable tourism—while protecting their guests.

An automated insect killer system that provides coverage across large areas

Mosquito Magician 100% safe mosquito repellent. If your customers want an automated solution, our powerful Mosquito Magician concentrate also works perfectly as an insect killer with the class-leading Sprinkler Magician machine.

Proudly made in the United States, the patented Sprinkler Magician machine automatically treats the entire property by distributing a precise amount of concentrate via the existing irrigation system.

It cycles through each irrigation zone, running just long enough to clear the lines of the concentrate so you can be sure every drop of the natural pesticide lands on the plants, grasses, and hardscapes with zero waste.

Once the Sprinkler Magician machine is installed, you maintain the provider-customer relationship—but instead of treating the property every week or two, you would simply come by every couple of months to fill up the reservoir!

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