How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your House

December 31, 2020

Mosquitoes are no joke. These biting pests can quickly become an infestation if they aren’t properly managed.  Naturally getting rid of mosquitoes outside is important, but you also need to keep them out of your house.  Here are nine ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your house without using toxic insect repellents!  Fix more

The Best Time to Spray for Mosquitoes

December 3, 2020

Everyone knows it’s important to keep mosquitoes at bay, but did you know certain times are better than others when it comes to spraying for mosquitoes?  This article walks you through the best time to spray for mosquitoes based on the time of day, time of year, and where you live in the U.S. more

6 Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Home

October 27, 2020

If you live in a humid or tropical climate, you’ve likely spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to get rid of mosquitoes. Not only can mosquitoes transmit diseases like Zika, dengue, malaria, and chikungunya, but they are also downright annoying! Nothing ruins outdoor fun faster than the buzzing, biting more

‘You Don’t Want To Be Me’: EEE Survivor Urges Protection Against Mosquitoes

August 19, 2020

After a 2-week coma from a single mosquito bite, Bob Powderly sends out the single to be on guard. Your health can be protected with 100% nontoxic Mosquito Magician concentrate. Click Here to watch video.

Google Business

August 9, 2020

Check out our new Google Business page. Read, and give us, reviews. Find us on Google Maps. Learn more about how to control mosquitoes and other biting bugs with 100% nontoxic concentrate. Click Here to learn more.

What’s With All The Mosquitoes Lately?

July 31, 2020

We may be late into the year but mosquitoes are still out in force. Put your family first by using Mosquito Magician to keep those biting bugs away from your kids and pets. Click Here to watch more.

First COVID-19, now mosquitoes: Bracing for bug-borne ills

July 20, 2020

Keep your kids safe this summer. We all want to be Covid19 free but mosquitoes and other biting bugs are out in force, so protect your family with our 100% nontoxic concentrate today. Click Here to read more.

Mosquitoes Carrying West Nile Virus Found, NYC Health Officials Say

July 16, 2020

New York City health officials revealed that they have detected the presence of mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus. Use 100% non-toxic Mosquito Magician to protect you and your family. Click Here to read more.

Be Safe this 4th

July 3, 2020

Happy 4th of July to all Americans. Celebrate Independence Day as safely and bug free as possible with your family and friends.