Sprinkler Magician Commercial Mosquito Control MachineCommercial Mosquito Control

Installation and Operating Manual

This machine is designed to be used ONLY in conjunction with an irrigation system that has been programmed to run a “B Schedule”. The B Schedule needs to be set to run each zone for a brief time for the purpose of pest control. The Sprinkler Magician machine needs to be set up so it is 100% synchronized with the irrigation B Schedule in order to work correctly.

Follow the link below for the Installation Manual:

Installation and Operating Manual

We have made a series of videos that show the entire setup process for this machine. Please click the following link and then view all the videos in sequence to understand each step.

Video 1 – Overview

Video 2 – Scheduler Setup

Video 3 – Cyclic Timer (Extra Information)

Video 4 – Cyclic Timer Running

Video 5 – SM Modes (Extra Information)

Video 6 – Priming & Operating