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What is Mosquito Magician?

Mosquito Magician is based in Tampa Bay Florida, we manufacture a patented, natural pest control system that works with existing sprinkler systems to kill and repel biting insects in residential and commercial properties. The system eliminates mosquitoes and other pests where they hide, in plants and lawns, and uses a potent natural concentrate. The Mosquito Magician concentrate is 100% safe for families, pets and the environment. Some of our models also distribute organic fertilizers to lawns and gardens.

What is the opportunity?

We have a network of resellers but are looking for many more. We offer resellers an exclusive territory and deeply discounted pricing that enables them to sell to Supply Houses, Contractors and Retail, all at different pricing tiers. Profits come from sales of our machines, but most importantly also through the recurring income from continual sales of the Mosquito Magician concentrates. This is a proven system that has been on the market for over 5 years. We have many very successful resellers, here are what a couple of them have to say about their experiences:

What does it cost?

We are not a franchise and so there are no franchise fees or profit-sharing type fees. The upfront cost is minimal, and we will supply all marketing materials and strategies to ensure your sales grow quickly. Most resellers recover their entire outlay in the first few sales!

Why now?

The mosquito & biting pest season will soon be in full swing again in most parts of the country so if you are looking for a new business venture then now is the time to move forward. Send us an email and we will send you an information pack, or feel free to call us at: 888-829-0893 or email at sales@sprinklermagician.com

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