Does Vitamin B Repel Mosquitoes?

Does Vitamin B Repel Mosquitoes?

According to the National Institutes of Health, B vitamins make up eight out of the 13 essential vitamins. You can get all these B vitamins in certain foods or from a B complex supplement.

B vitamins are crucial for a healthy body, but can they repel mosquitoes, too?

Does Vitamin B Repel Mosquitoes?

Unfortunately, vitamin B does not repel mosquitoes.

The myth that vitamin B repels mosquitoes started circulating online, with publishers recommending it as a way to keep mosquitoes away. However, these statements lacked scientific evidence even though it became a common suggestion.

Many studies have proven this myth false, including this study posted in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (JAMCA). The study looked at how effectively vitamin B repelled various species of mosquitoes. It concluded that vitamin B didn’t have any effects on mosquitoes.

The Myth That Vitamin B Repels Mosquitoes

The myth that Vitamin B repels mosquitoes seems to resurface every Spring and Summer in mainstream media.

Videos are racking up millions of views claiming that taking a vitamin B1 supplement can help repel mosquitoes. Any evidence cited is purely anecdotal, with some people swearing it works and others saying it didn’t do anything for them.

One thing we do know for a fact is that mosquitoes are attracted to us by scent, and they’re more attracted to certain people than others. This could be due to everything from blood type to how much someone sweats.

One could reason that this anecdotal evidence for vitamin B works well for some and not so well for others because those people are already naturally more (or less) attractive to mosquitoes for whatever reason. So, if mosquitoes aren’t easily drawn to them, it’s likely not the vitamin B supplements they’re taking.

With this much confusion surrounding the topic, we recommend using natural remedies that are proven to get rid of mosquitoes.

What Home Remedies Do Work to Repel Mosquitoes?

Even though vitamin B won’t work, you may already have some effective mosquito repellents around the house!

Effective home remedies to repel mosquitoes include:

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