Don’t wait until you get bitten!

  Sprinkler Magician
  November 30, 2015

mosquito-breedIn most parts of the country the mosquito season is here. Here are a few basic tips to get rid of those pesky and sometimes dangerous little critters;

  • Reduce breeding areas by eliminating standing water.  Mosquitoes need only a few days and a few ounces of water to breed, for example: flower pot trays, bird baths, kid’s pools and old tires, broken or clogged rain gutters, leaky air conditioners or outdoor faucets, boats, street gutters, holes in trees, catch basins, low spots on your property, watering cans and wheelbarrows.
  • Check for plants like Bromeliads that hold water in their stems which provide an ideal breeding ground for Mosquitoes.
  • For any ponds, or other areas where water can’t be drained we recommend using a natural bacterial product containing BTI (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) to control larvae before they become adults.
  • If after all this you still have a mosquito problem, we at Sprinkler Magician can provide a guaranteed and safe method to get rid of mosquitos at any time. We use a natural product that safe for your family and pets, of course. Best of all we have a completely automated system that treats your whole yard using your sprinkler system to deliver the Mosquito Magician concentrate to your entire yard. Please let us know if you would like more information or visit:

Enjoy your summer outdoors, all the best from the team at Sprinkler Magician!