Florida’s Surgeon General dispatched a letter to Miami Mayor demanding a comprehensive breakdown for combating Zika

October 28, 2016

One day after the nation’s top-ranking infectious disease expert praised Miami-Dade for its response to a local Zika outbreak, Florida’s Surgeon General dispatched a letter to Mayor Carlos Gimenez demanding a comprehensive breakdown of spending, specific data on mosquito surveillance and a plan for combating the virus’ spread through winter and into next year.

Noting that Florida has budgeted $12.1 million to help Miami-Dade pay for the costs of responding to Zika — including aerial spraying in Wynwood and Miami Beach and an army of mosquito control workers, mostly contracted, to inspect and fumigate on the ground — State Surgeon General Celeste Philip asked that Miami-Dade deliver the following information by Nov. 4:

▪  A comprehensive breakdown of spending for all ground-based and aerial spraying, including dates and locations sprayed;

▪  Specific data on mosquito trap counts on a weekly or more frequent basis;

▪  Analysis or research on the effectiveness of local mosquito control efforts;

▪ A plan to control mosquitoes for the winter, spring and summer.

Miami-Dade officials confirmed they had received the letter and would comply with the state’s request, said Mike Hernandez, a spokesman for the mayor, in a written statement.

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