Why Mosquito Magician is the Best Mosquito Killer

Why Mosquito Magician is the Best Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes will wreak havoc on you, your loved ones, your pets and your property until you take action. Select the best mosquito killer for your home and you will finally return your yard to the peaceful place it once was. Mosquito Magician has all the mosquito killing products your home needs to stay mosquito-free for good.

Sprinkler Magician

The Sprinkler Magician is Mosquito Magician’s patented system to control those annoying mosquitoes. This works through your lawn irrigation system and makes use of highly specialized technology. Some competitors offer basic lawn-based mosquito repellents, yet those systems can’t match the technology of the Sprinkler Magician. Our mosquito killer does not dispense overly diluted concentrate that is wasted when applied to the yard. Sprinkler Magician functions with specific treatment cycles to transmit our proven mosquito killing concentrate to your lawn for maximum effect. This style of treatment ensures the concentrate dries on surfaces and plants to eliminate those mosquitoes for good and provide up to two weeks of residual protection. Your home is your sanctuary. Do not introduce a potentially harmful insect repellent in the space where you eat, play with your kids and house your pets. Sprinkler Magician makes use of a natural solution to protect you, your loved ones and your property from those nasty mosquitoes. This is the completely safe, effective and natural means of combating bugs. The system applies the treatment to specific irrigation zones after the lawn or garden is watered. It works with your sprinkler system to target mosquitoes’ homes in lawns and gardens. You won’t have to buy a brand-new sprinkler system to ensure compatibility.

Mosquito Magician Eliminates Pests from Your Yard

We have invested an abundance of time, effort and money to create a formula that gets rid of those mosquitoes and biting insects that terrorizing your yard. This formula is comprised of half a dozen completely natural essential oils. It has been independently tested in labs and proven to be a legitimate mosquito killer. You can apply this formula to your property in full confidence, knowing it will kill those pests without compromising your health. You can apply Mosquito Magician with one of our sprayers, a pump-up sprayer, a backpack prayer or one of our fully automatic Mosquito Killer Machines. Mosquito Magician is safe for the environment as well as people, pets and even Koi fish you have in your backyard. It kills those mosquitoes and other biting pests as soon as they are contacted by the spray. In fact, this amazing mosquito killer repels those pesky bugs for upwards of two full weeks. The magic is attributable to the formula’s unique combination of essential oils. We use lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, citronella and other oils for the perfect mosquito killing and repelling blend.

The Mosquito Magician Difference

We have gone to great lengths to separate our mosquito killers from the alleged solutions offered by competitors. Years of research and development have resulted in a formula that actually kills mosquitoes rather than merely temporarily sending them away from the property. We spent five full years testing our formulas in labs to create the ultimate mosquito killer. You can even apply this spray to your property with a convenient battery-operated 1.3-gallon handheld unit. It will keep additional mosquitoes far away for two weeks or longer. Can you imagine two full weeks of peacefulness in your backyard by the pool or playing horseshoes with your kids? It is possible if you give Mosquito Magician a try. Once the two weeks is up, simply re-apply Mosquito Magician to your property and those mosquitoes will be eliminated for at least two more weeks.

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