Mosquitoes & your Four Legged Friends

January 22, 2016

girldogJust like with humans, a mosquito bite for a dog or cat can be itchy and potentially dangerous. Did you know mosquitoes, fleas and ticks can cause all of the following in dogs & cats?




Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Skin infections


Tick paralysis


Unfortunately, yards treated with DEET, permethrin and other toxic chemicals can poison your four-legged friends if they ingest, inhale or come into contact with them in treated areas.These chemicals can cause serious & sometimes fatal health problems for your pets.

So whats the solution?  Mosquito Magician is the answer! Our mosquito & biting pest repellent is made of natural plant oils and is safe for your furry family members too! Keep them safe while driving away mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and more! Get more info here on our natural, effective solution and TAKE BACK YOUR YARD!

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