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A premium product for your premium customers. Whether you're working with a homeowner, commercial customer, or an HOA community owner, Sprinkler Magician allows you to provide them with automated property management services.

But what does that mean? Well, imagine having a system that was able to treat the whole property for anything you might need to apply. With Sprinkler Magician you can automatically get rid of mosquitoes and biting pests. How about fertilizing, repelling deer, or soil remediation – easy! In fact, it can do all this;

• Natural Pest Control
• Natural Deer Repellent
• Organic Fertilizing
• Water Conservation
• Organic Fragrances
• Rust Stain Elimination
• Soil Remediation and various other Natural Pest Repellents

And with every day, year-round coverage, the system not only provides your clients with a whole range of solutions for their properties, but it generates recurring revenue as it applies the various products to their properties.

Only Sprinkler Magician can give you a system that allows for maximum profitability for years after the original unit has been installed.

• Best Class Patented System
• Quality U.S. Made Product
• Automatically Treats Entire Property for Multiple Zones
• Proven Effective by Laboratory Testing
• Great Profits on Installation and Reoccurring Income


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