Some Fun and Bugged Out Stuff You Probably Don’t Know About Mosquitoes… Part 2

May 24, 2017

The “Some Fun and Bugged Out Stuff You Probably Don’t Know About Mosquitoes… ” post continues with Part 2

Life Cycle of a Mosquito 8. Here’s a fact it’s hard to get upset about. Once a feeding mosquito is full, a chemical signal turns off their intake. In the laboratory, when that signal is disabled mosquitoes suck until they explode.

9. According to a University of Bristol study, Male mosquito “ears” are packed with about as many sensory cells as human ears, helping amorous mosquito males identify and pursue passing females who are buzzing. This information was learned in a University of Bristol study,

10 When a mosquito detects the whine or “buzz” of the opposite sex, it begins to synchronize its own pitch to match that of the potential mate. Randy males can “relate” to girl frequencies in a second or two. Females take several times longer to synchronize. Some opinions are that this as the same with humans in a bar.

11. Mosquitoes can mate in midair, often in as little as 15 seconds from the approach to fare-thee-well. There are no known instances of prior cocktails and dinner.

12. For the protein to create eggs, only female mosquitoes drink blood. Male mosquitoes are actually sensitive vegetarians, living on plant juices and nectar.

13. Millions of years ago, mosquitoes were three times as large as they are today.