Affordable 100% Natural Mosquito Solution

Get an effective, all-natural, affordable mosquito solution — now with a 10% discount!

Mosquito Magician’s Single Reservoir Machine makes mosquito elimination as simple as running your sprinklers. Just set the frequency you want to treat and the machine does all the work — it’s really that easy.

• 100% non-toxic — our repellent is all-natural and safe for kids and pets
• Long-lasting — spray only as often as is needed (automatically)
• Effective — enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about pests

Protects Against:

Mosquitoes • Fleas • Lawn Grubs • Spiders • Flies • Gnats • Chiggers • Silverfish Crickets • Mites • No-see-ums • Fire Ants • Ticks • Fruit Flies • Chinch Bugs • Palmetto Bugs

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