Florida’s Surgeon General dispatched a letter to Miami Mayor demanding a comprehensive breakdown for combating Zika

By: Sprinkler Magician, On: October 28, 2016

One day after the nation’s top-ranking infectious disease expert praised Miami-Dade for its response to a local Zika outbreak, Florida’s Surgeon General dispatched a letter to Mayor Carlos Gimenez demanding a comprehensive breakdown of spending, specific data on mosquito surveillance and a plan for combating the virus’ spread through winter and into next year. Noting that Florida has budgeted $12.1 million to help Miami-Dade pay for the costs of responding to Zika — including aerial … continue reading.

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Congress Finally Passes Zika Funding Bill; Provides $1.1 Billion

By: Sprinkler Magician, On: September 30, 2016

Congress Finally Passes Zika Funding Bill; Provides $1.1 Billion More than eight months after the White House first asked for it, Congress has finally agreed on some funding to help fight the Zika virus and study its effects. President Barack Obama signed stopgap spending bill Thursday. It provides $1.1 billion to use in continuing work on a vaccine against Zika virus infection, as well as studies of the effects on unborn babies, adults and children. … continue reading.

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Zika Funding Fails Again in Congress

By: Sprinkler Magician, On: September 7, 2016

Congress came back from a seven-week break Tuesday and once again failed to move forward a bill that would pay for a federal Zika response. As senators traded barbs about whose fault it was, Florida health officials said they'd found seven more home-grown cases of Zika, six of them part of an outbreak in Miami Beach. Florida now has documented 56 locally transmitted cases of Zika infection, presumably passed by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that are … continue reading.

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US Congress Budget Battle over Zika

By: Sprinkler Magician, On: July 8, 2016

Zika Virus Budget Battle 'No Way to Fight an Epidemic' http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/zika-virus-outbreak/obama-says-he-expects-congress-move-zika-virus-n602641 Federal health officials dispensed $25 million Friday to help states worst at risk from the Zika virus defend against its spread, but said they were taking cash from other programs to do it because they cannot get fresh funding from Congress. New funding for Zika remained deadlocked in Congress as the long July 4 weekend starts, although President Barack Obama made another demand for … continue reading.

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