The Best Compliments are the Ones that Come from our Clients

  Sprinkler Magician
  June 3, 2020

The managing director, environmental consultant decided to use Mosquito Magician initially because of the sensitive areas on the resort, VIP Guest protection, and sensitive marine reefs that surround the Round Hill Resort.

They were previously fogging these areas with Malathion and were getting complaints from guests. Once we dialed in the rates for their Stihl SR 420 misters (13 liter tanks) with both Mosquito Magician and Argosy they began to see “amazing” results. Currently, they purchase 4 gallons per month and treat most of the 110 acres each week. BTW, he also confirmed the White Fly population has almost disappeared since he began using the product early last year.

And there are no complaints from guests and the reefs have been healthy!

Scott Jones

Round Hill Hotel and Villas