Utah Distributor – Kodiak Landscaping Has Joined the Mosquito Magician Team!

  Sprinkler Magician
  May 3, 2017

Kodiak Landscaping LLC  of Utah has joined the Mosquito Magician team!

Kodiak Landscaping carries the full line of Mosquito Magician products to help homeowners and business successfully get rid of mosquitos and other biting insects.  This line of products includes the latest breakthrough in mosquito killer and repellent technology that is laboratory tested and proven to work! This new technology includes a 100% natural, 100% safe formula of potent essential oils that are dispensed through a new or existing sprinkler/irrigation system with the patented 100% automatic Sprinkler Magician Mosquito Killer Machine.  No sprinkler or irrigation system, Dario at Kodiak Landscaping, can help you with other ways to use Mosquito Magician to help you take your yard back.

For all your mosquito killing and repelling needs, please contact:

Dario Ordonez 

Kodiak Landscaping, LLC 

Phone: (801) 317-6703

Email: kodiaklandscapingut@gmail.com

If you live in Utah, reach out to him for a consultation!