Class-Leading Fertigation and Mosquito Killer Machine

Class-Leading Fertigation and Mosquito Killer Machine

The Sprinkler Magician fertigation and mosquito killer machine is a breakthrough in mosquito abatement technology. It operates using the existing lawn sprinkler system as a delivery mechanism to get the potent Mosquito Magician mosquito spray all over the property.

How the mosquito spray machine works

The patented Sprinkler Magician technology is unique in the way it operates. The mosquito spray machine cycles through each irrigation zone, injecting a precise amount of Mosquito Magician concentrate. Then, it runs the zone for the exact amount of time needed to purge the lines and make sure all of the natural pesticide ends up on the plants, grasses and hardscape.

Which means: No mosquito repellent spray is wasted. Not one drop!

A mosquito lawn treatment system that is easy to operate

The Sprinkler Magician mosquito lawn treatment system is extremely easy for the homeowner to operate:

Simply fill the reservoir and select the frequency of application. The homeowner can adjust the frequency as needed ¾ you can even select an override treatment if you’re having a party or just want to be extra certain that your property is free of mosquitoes.

There’s even a wireless remote that allows you to do this from anywhere on your property, without having to leave your house!

Our mosquito repellent machine is competitively priced

The Sprinkler Magician mosquito repellent machine is proudly made in the USA and is designed to last for 10 years or more.

It is extremely competitively priced compared to other similar solutions, like mosquito mist spray systems, which often run between $6,000-$8,000 and require a lot more maintenance.

On top of that:

A mist spray system uses lines that run all around the property with misting heads, which can be quite unsightly, and are often damaged or broken by landscaping contractors, requiring continual repairs.

Since the mosquito killer machine uses the existing lawn irrigation system, there is no extra outlay for piping, which means a Sprinkler Magician machine is often one-third of the cost of a mosquito misting system.

The natural mosquito spray reaches every part of your property

With the Sprinkler Magician system, the natural mosquito spray can reach every part of the property, unlike mosquito misting systems. Misting systems can only treat fence lines and garden areas because the lines must be attached to a structure.

Since the Sprinkler Magician system runs through the existing irrigation system, it reaches all parts of the property, including lawns and other large, grassy areas. This is where mosquitoes ¾ and especially fleas and ticks ¾ can live.

If you’re in the market for an automatic mosquito sprayer, the Sprinkler Magician system truly is a class-leading product with no equal. Ours is the only product that is able to precisely deliver a 100% safe and natural pesticide throughout a whole property, without over-diluting or wastage.

Our mosquito control machine doubles as a fertigation systemFertigation and Mosquito Killer Machine

In addition to the mosquito lawn spray, we have another Sprinkler Magician model that is also a fertigation system.

The fertilizer injection system has two pumps, two reservoirs and the ability to treat the whole property with fertilizer as well as get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

The machine is designed for residential use, but we have commercial models in use in some of the largest hotels and resorts around the United States and Caribbean.

This automatic mosquito sprayer system requires NO maintenance

Nothing has to be cleaned or adjusted on the Sprinkler Magician automatic mosquito sprayer system.

When the mosquito killer machine runs out of out of the natural mosquito repellent spray, a little light will flash and let you know. Then all you need to do is tip in another couple of gallons of the Mosquito Magician concentrate into the reservoir and the machine will pick up where it left off and start running again on the same schedule as before!

And because the machine uses a super-concentrated natural mosquito repellent, there is no unsightly 55-gallon drum, unlike what most mosquito misting systems use. These can be an eyesore and are very difficult to hide!

Lastly, but certainly not least…

Sprinkler Magician uses a natural, safe mosquito killer spray

The Mosquito Magician concentrate used in the Sprinkler Magician system is a 100% safe and effective mosquito killer spray.

It is laboratory tested and proven to kill and repel mosquitoes while being completely natural and safe for kids, pets, koi fish and pretty much everything else except for the targeted insects!

That means you can feel good about treating your property with the Sprinkler Magician system and Mosquito Magician concentrate to keep your yard free of mosquitoes and your family and pets absolutely safe.

That’s why we have more than 1,000 systems running every day around the U.S. and Caribbean!

Order your Sprinkler Magician system today and enjoy the outdoors again without bothersome mosquitoes and without worrying about the safety of your children, pets or the environment!

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