About the Product

A Breakthrough in Pest Control Technology

The Sprinkler Magician is a completely automatic, 100% safe pest control system that utilizes your existing sprinkler system to kill mosquitoes and other targeted pests where they live - in gardens and lawns. The system can be installed with any new or existing sprinkler system and uses advanced electronics to distribute the mosquito concentrate evenly to all lawns and gardens using the sprinkler system.

Other mosquito control systems rely on distracting or attracting mosquitoes (with the intention of killing them), but this strategy is fundamentally flawed because it just deals with the problem, instead of eliminating it. Only the Sprinkler Magician actually makes the problem disappear!

natural mosquito repellent auto dual reservoir

We have Several ways available to apply Mosquito Magician

Automated Residential Machines

Our automated machines attach to new or existing Irrigation Systems and can treat an entire property or designated areas. Our system only runs on each irrigation zone for a minute or two after the lawn is watered.

Automated Commercial Machines

Our commercial machines are being successfully utilized at Resorts, Hotels, Condominiums, and Equestrian Farms. These machines were developed to be utilized on large properties and allow for a cost effective way to treat for Mosquitoes, Fire ants, and several other biting insects.

Battery Powered Hand Sprayers

We sell portable handheld sprayers for homeowners and properties who have no irrigation system and simply need a low-cost way to combat Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, and other biting pests.

Benefits of Sprinkler Magician

Sprinkler Magician is a patented product utilizing an independent laboratory tested all Natural Solution to Kill and Repel Mosquitoes. Mosquito Magician repels up to two weeks with just one application.

The following points outline the benefits of Sprinkler Magician versus Spraying or Fogging properties, or buying a conventional mosquito misting systems:

Natural & Safe 250 x 263

No manual labor.

Once Sprinkler Magician is installed just set the desired application schedule and it runs automatically.

Eliminates human error in mixing.

Sprinkler Magician Machines are set up to use the required amount every time it runs.

No areas missed.

Our systems will automatically apply to every area your sprinkler system covers.

Convenient application times.

Our system utilizes the sprinkler system and can run in the middle of the night for just a couple of minutes per zone.

No harsh or harmful chemicals.

Mosquito Magician qualifies as a Class 25 B product with the Environmental Protection Agency. These are nontoxic mixes containing only natural components.

Environmentally friendly.

No harm to the environment, butterflies, birds, fish, pets or humans. No pyrethrums in Mosquito Magician, just a 100% natural and safe mixture of plant oils and emulsifiers.

No maintenance.

Sprinkler Magician requires no maintenance other than filling the reservoir once in a while.

All natural mosquito control.

Keep your Green Certificate by using a nontoxic all natural product.

So don’t spray, fog or mist your guests, there is a better way!

Take back control of your outdoor living space.

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About the Inventor

Peter is an electrical engineer and has run his own company for over 24 years, both in New Zealand and the U.S. His company invents new products and brings them to the market, either on their own or in collaborative arrangements with others. As a Florida resident, Peter quickly learned how bad the mosquito problem was, and began the search for an effective solution. Unsuccessful in his search, he went on to develop a prototype system – now known as Sprinkler Magician. The system is fully automatic and highly effective in eliminating mosquitoes. With the help of a team of chemists, he also created the all-natural mosquito concentrate – Mosquito Magician that eliminates both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source. Peter is excited to help homeowners take back their yard and live mosquito free!

Meet the Management Team


Peter Olt, CEO
Peter Olt, CEO
Dan Steuber, President of Business Development
Dan Steuber, President of Business Development
Joy Gendusa, Partner
Joy Gendusa, Partner

Mission Statement

Sprinkler Magician's purpose is to help homeowners combat the mosquito and biting pest problem that is rapidly increasing in all corners of the globe. We are committed to responding to this challenge in a way that is natural, effective, and 100% safe for adults, children, and pets. Trading a mosquito problem for an environmental one is not an option for us, and neither is settling for a mediocre product. We have families too and love the ability to be able to enjoy our backyards, free of bugs and still being environmentally responsible. We hope you'll join us on this journey!