Why Choose the Mosquito Magician Battery Operated Mosquito Spray?

Why Choose the Mosquito Magician Battery Operated Mosquito Spray?

Mosquito Repellents – their Downside

Mosquito repellents do work – if you buy the right one of course! Even the best mosquito spray will only protect the actual skin area to which it’s applied, so the issue is that you obviously have to spray pretty much all exposed skin every time you go outside. The skin is actually the largest organ in your body, so that spray is partly absorbed into your blood stream – scary thought if you are using a harsher chemical like a DEET mosquito repellent! The Thermacell mosquito repellent product works too, but the issue is protecting a large enough area to make it truly viable, especially if you or your kids want to move around in your yard. There are even mosquito repellent plants, and they work, but again the issue is getting enough coverage to get rid of the mosquitoes without having to plant your entire yard with them.

Mosquito Traps Do Not Outsmart Mosquitoes

Mosquito traps like bug zappers, mosquito zappers and mosquito magnet type devices are all designed to attract mosquitoes into your property in the hope of killing them. The issue is that mosquitoes are highly evolved over millions of years to seek out humans and animals and have at least 5 ways to locate their targets – CO2 from the air we exhale, visual identification, smelling our sweat and other odors, and they can also sense our body heat and even moisture. The point is that the mosquito is much more likely to be attracted to a human or animal target than a machine trying to replicate some of these elements.

The Mosquito Magician Solution

Our handheld battery operated mosquito sprayer.We have tried pretty much all the devices that attract mosquitoes during our initial R&D (Research and Development) phase many years ago and decided that for the reasons outlined above the whole principle is flawed, so we took a different approach. Unlike mosquito traps the whole Mosquito Magician philosophy is to kill all mosquitoes that the spray comes in contact with – simple. Then on top of this, it also has powerful repellency properties lasting up to 2 weeks that prevent new mosquitoes from entering the treated area. Our Battery Operated Mosquito Spray.

Best Mosquito Repellent System on the Market

Simply put Mosquito Magician is the best mosquito repellent available. Here at Mosquito Magician, we have spent over 5 years focusing on how to get rid of mosquitoes, and the result is a portable mosquito spray system that can be used in your yard, covered porch areas, camping trips, picnics, in fact anywhere that you want to get rid of mosquitoes! The Portable Mosquito Killer – Our Handheld Mosquito Sprayer.

Our Mosquito Spray is the Key

The key to its outstanding performance is both the Battery Sprayer and the Mosquito Magician concentrate. Although the concentrate is a truly safe and natural formula, it’s a potent way to kill mosquitoes and also combines a mosquito repellent spray action that keeps any new mosquitoes from entering your yard. Mosquito Magician has been laboratory tested for over 5 years so these are solid claims we are making. See the full article on why Mosquito Magician concentrate works so much better than alternatives.

Our Handheld Battery Sprayer—the Perfect Solution

Mosquito Magician can be easily applied using the convenient 1.3 gallon handheld battery sprayer. It’s perfect for treating medium sized yards, patios, lanais, picnic, and camping areas quickly and easily. Comes with 1 Quart of Mosquito Magician concentrate that will refill the reservoir 3-4 times! This will last you weeks, maybe even months. It’s so easy to use that you will love giving a quick spray if you are outdoors and the bugs are about. Comes with 4 “D” size batteries that last for many hours of applications. There are many other ways to apply mosquito concentrates, but our customers love the battery operation so they don’t have to keep pumping and can just quickly treat their yard and then relax!

Our Mosquito Magician Products.

Automated Systems

Of course, if you like the idea of having a fully automated system installed to continuously treat your property for mosquitoes and many other pesky critters then we have a class leading product for this too.

Our patented mosquito/pest control system that integrates with an existing in-ground sprinkler system 

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