Swarm of hundreds of mosquitoes with a forest in the background.

When Does Mosquito Season Start?

  Sprinkler Magician
  April 1, 2022

Ahhh Spring – the smell of fresh-cut grass, warmer weather, and… the start of mosquito season.

While you may no longer need to clear frost off of your car, you will have to spend the next several months fighting off mosquitoes.

When Does Mosquito Season Start?

In general, mosquito season starts around Spring in March or April, but this varies depending on where you live. In some places within the US, mosquito season can start far into May. In others, mosquitoes start becoming active in February.

Mosquitoes become sluggish between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and are immobile under 50 degrees. This is because they are cold-blooded.

When animals are cold-blooded, they can’t produce their heat and rely on the air around them to keep them warm. As temperatures decrease, moving around becomes harder.

February – November: Gulfcoast

For the Gulfcoast, which includes Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana, mosquito season starts the earliest and is practically year-round. You’ll only have a few short months in December and January where the mosquitoes aren’t out.

March – September: South and Southwest

Mosquito season starts early for states in the South, such as Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arizona. If you’re in the Northern part of certain states, such as Florida and Louisiana, your mosquito season might not start until March.

April – September: Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, & West

Starting around April, states like Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, and certain parts of California will start seeing mosquitoes.

May – September: Northern Midwest & Pacific Northwest

The Northern states are some of the last to see mosquitoes, including Washington state, Vermont, Maine, and Oregon.

What Season Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

No matter where you live in the United States, mosquitoes will typically be most active in July or August. The time of day mosquitoes are most active is at dawn and dusk.

As the air gets cooler and drier later as Fall approaches, mosquitoes will slow down because they thrive in warm, humid climates. In fact, if there is little to no moisture in the air, they will dry up and die.

When is the Best Time to Spray for Mosquitoes

The best time to spray for mosquitoes depends on the state you live in. The information above can be a good start – it’s recommended to start spraying just before mosquito season starts.

Once you’ve determined the best month to spray for mosquitoes, it’s best to spray when it’s dark out.

How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

There are many things you can do around your house to prepare for mosquito season. Here are some of the most important ones.

Clean Up Your Yard

Mosquitoes love damp areas and can comfortably live in piles of leaves and grass. So if you have either of these, dispose of them accordingly.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Cleaning out the debris from your gutters not only benefits your house, but it takes away a place for mosquitoes to live. Also, if your gutters are clogged, water can collect and leave a place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Remove Tarps

If you have a folded-up tarp that sits outside, it probably has water in between every layer. This is a perfect place for mosquitoes to hide and breed when mosquito season starts.

Get Rid of Any Standing Water

Mosquitoes seek standing water to lay their eggs in it. They lay around 300 eggs at a time in as little as half an inch of water.

Common places standing water is found includes:

  • Buckets
  • Empty Flower Pots
  • Birdbaths
  • Low Spots
  • Clogged Gutters

Repair or Install Screens

If you have any windows or doors that have missing or damaged screens, you should fix them before the weather gets nice enough to have them open. This will not only keep mosquitoes out, but other bugs as well.

How to Beat the Bite When Mosquito Season Starts

There are countless bug sprays that can mask your scent and protect you from mosquitoes. Many contain DEET, which is one of the most effective ingredients for repelling mosquitoes. However, many people are concerned about how safe it is.

Luckily, our team has researched to find effective ways to naturally get rid of mosquitoes, including:

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

There are many plants that have been proven to repel mosquitoes. Some plants have evolved to repel predators and they happen to repel mosquitoes, too. However, they only keep mosquitoes away within a couple of feet. If you’d like to plant some, here are some of the best ones to get:

Essential Oils That Repel Mosquitoes

Most of the essential oils that repel mosquitoes come from plants that do the same. However, it’s a lot easier to carry a bottle of oil than toting around a plant. Also, because the oils are more concentrated, they may work better at repelling mosquitoes than the plants they come from.

Some of the best essential oils to use include:

Things Around The House That Repel Mosquitoes

You may have some things around the house that effectively repel mosquitoes. Here are a few that you should check out instead of buying harmful chemicals.

Try Our Mosquito Solution!

We have developed a mosquito solution that can keep mosquitoes off your property all Summer long. It’s highly effective and 100% safe when used as directed.