What Plants Repel Mosquitoes? Here Are Our Top 10

  Sprinkler Magician
  March 31, 2021

Every year the thought of warm weather brings joy around the country; it’s the perfect time for backyard grilling, pool parties, and family vacations to amusement parks.

So how do you stay safe from biting pests? Alternative Mosquito Repellent is one option, but there’s another great way to repel mosquitoes that doesn’t require much upkeep: mosquito-repelling plants.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals and Use Plants Instead! 

A lot of people buy mosquito repellent spray in an attempt to keep the insects out of their yard. While this spray can kill insects and repel others, certain mosquito repellant sprays contain toxic chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your pets, children, and even your neighbors. If the chemicals from the spray are inhaled it can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, and it can also lead to a coma and death in extreme cases.

When spraying for mosquitoes, it’s important to use repellent that is natural and safe.

One of the best remedies to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family is extremely simple: start strategically placing some plants inside and around your home that are famous for repelling insects. There are different types of plants that you will need to be aware of that repel insects, including indoor plants, ground cover plants, and shade plants. Here are 10 plants that are scientifically proven to repel mosquitoes!

Indoor Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

If you didn’t take proper action to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, you might have a problem with them being inside your house, porch, or balcony. While these plants are normally grown outside, they’ll also fare well inside with proper care. Here are some indoor plants that will help you get rid of mosquitoes in your house.

Basil plants indoors being used to repel mosquitoes.

  • Basil 

Native to tropical areas around the world including Africa and Asia, basil repels mosquitoes because of its powerful smell.

You can plant basil in your garden outside, grow it inside, or even crush a few of the leaves and rub them on your skin to keep mosquitoes from biting you. Basil is also extremely toxic to mosquito larvae — if you want to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs, put some basil near standing water. The basil plant is also effective at keeping other bugs like cockroaches out of your home.

Lavender plants being used indoors to repel mosquitoes.

  • Lavender

Lavender keeps mosquitoes, flies, and other insects away. It has a 93% repellant rate against insects indoors and a 53% repellent rate outdoors. Lavender smells amazing to us, but mosquitoes despise the pungent scent.

It’s also important to remember that the lavender plant grows extremely fast, so make sure you have a lot of space for it!

If you are bitten by a mosquito, lavender has anti-inflammatory properties that help stop mosquito bites from itching.

  • Marigolds 

Marigold plants are one of the most well-known mosquito-repellent plants. While the scent of Marigold keeps mosquitoes away, it also contains a substance called pyrethrum that’s used in a lot of insect repellent sprays.

The flowers of Marigolds are nearly odorless — it’s the roots and foliage that do all the work to repel mosquitoes. If you decide to use marigolds as an insect repellent, make sure not to trim the foliage too much as that’s the part of the plant responsible for the smell! The marigold plant drives away mosquitoes and other insects, however, they may attract snails and butterflies.

Shade Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

If your yard doesn’t get much sun, shade plants are the perfect solution. They thrive in less-than-sunny places and help create an environment that’s not conducive to insect life.

Bushel of lemon thyme, a plant known to repel mosquitoes.

  • Lemon Thyme

Lemon thyme is also a good choice in shady areas when you’re looking for plants that repel mosquitoes.

Lemon thyme has a citrus-like smell comparable to other sharp-smelling deterrents. If you want to keep mosquitoes away you can crush a few leaves of the plant and rub it on your clothes or even your skin. Not all citrus will repel mosquitoes. For example, lemons themselves don’t do so great of a job.

  • Mint 

Mint is one of the best insect-repelling plants because it can be used in a variety of different ways. It’s extremely effective in keeping mosquitoes away, plus the essential oils the plant produces can aid in soothing insect bites. While the scent of the mint plant serves as a natural mosquito repellent, it will also kill mosquito larvae.

Pink Bee Balm flowers planted outside.

  • Bee balm

Bee balm is a colorful blooming plant that repels mosquitoes in many different ways: crushing the leaves up, growing in the shade, and also planting it in a sunny garden. Crushing up the leaves of Bee Balm releases fragrant oils that repel mosquitoes.

Other Popular Mosquito Repellent Plants

One of the most important parts of mosquito prevention is getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard. Here are some popular plants you should grow throughout your yard that are proven to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Rosemary planted outside to help repel mosquitoes.

  • Rosemary

The Rosemary plant is a significant mosquito repellent: its strong scent keeps mosquitoes and flies away. If you are cooking outside or hosting a special event you can grill a few fresh rosemary sprigs and the smoke from the plant will keep the dangerous insects away from your house. (Plus, you can use it as a nice seasoning for steak and potatoes!)

  • Catnip

The catnip plant is one of the most effective plants to keep mosquitoes away. In a 2019 study, catnip was proven to be more effective than DEET, the common ingredient in mosquito repellent spray. The best way to use catnip to keep mosquitoes and other insects away is to crush the leaves up in your hands, which releases strong oils that insects despise and in return it will keep them away from you.

Of course, catnip is also great for your feline friends to enjoy! Just make sure they save you some to use as mosquito repellent.

Citronella plant, full of colorful red and purple flowers, planted in a garden to repel mosquitoes.

  •  Citronella

The citronella plant is commonly referred to as the mosquito plant, and it’s one of the most effective plants used to repel insects.

Contrary to popular belief, simply planting citronella isn’t enough to repel mosquitoes. To actually repel mosquitoes with citronella plants, you need to crush the leaves down to release the odor. This is what keeps the insects away, not just the plant itself.

  • Pyrethrum

Last but not least pyrethrum plants, including Chrysanthemums, contain a compound called Pyrethrin, an amazing insect repellent. The oil extracted from the plant is what keeps the insects away. Pyrethrin chemicals affect the insect’s nervous system, causing a deadly toxic effect. After the mosquito is infected it will eventually die from exposure to the compound.

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