Does Smoke Repel Mosquitoes?

  Sprinkler Magician
  December 2, 2021

Sometimes mosquitoes make being outside unbearable.

They’re annoying, their bites itch, and they can spread diseases. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secret weapon to ward off those pesky mosquitoes and be able to enjoy your Summer evenings outdoors?

On our quest to spread knowledge about the best natural ways to naturally repel mosquitoes, we’re looking at whether or not smoke can repel mosquitoes. Here’s what we discovered with our research!

Does Smoke Repel Mosquitoes?

Yes! Smoke has been proven to repel mosquitoes.

Specifically, smoke from wood or plants that contain oils that naturally keep mosquitoes at bay, such as citronella, pyrethrum, and lavender.

However, the effectiveness of smoke diminishes if it’s windy outside, because the smoke becomes less concentrated.

If you’re hanging out outside and cooking on a grill or sitting around a campfire, odds are the smoke itself will be enough to keep mosquitoes away. That said, smoldering or burning woods or plants containing certain oils will add protection by better disbursing their repelling chemical compounds.

Why Does Smoke Repel Mosquitoes?

The reason smoke is great at repelling mosquitoes is thought to be a result of mosquitoes’ hyper-sensitive receptors. Smoke irritates these receptors to the point where mosquitoes are unable to sniff out their victims, or they get annoyed and fly somewhere else.

Mosquitoes, and other insects, also stay away from heat sources, such as a fire pit or grill, because of the hot air. It’s more difficult for insects to fly through smoky air, so they’re usually deterred once they sense smoke!

What’s the Best Thing to Burn to Repel Mosquitoes?

Because many things can be burned to repel mosquitoes, it’s impossible to say one specific thing works the best.

According to the National Institutes of Health, woods of the pine variety tend to be especially effective at repelling mosquitoes. However, most types of wood will have a noticeable effect on mosquitoes when it’s burned.

The following are the best types of wood and plants to burn to repel mosquitoes!

Best Wood to Burn to Repel Mosquitoes

  • Mosquito Wood Chips
  • Citronella Logs
  • Piñon Wood
  • Pine Wood

Best Plants to Burn to Repel Mosquitoes

Next time you’re lighting up a fire pit, look for Piñon Wood or Pine Wood instead of the typical logs. If you’re grilling up food, throw some fresh rosemary or sage on the grill for a more aromatic way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

Try Our Mosquito Repellent!

While smoke may work to repel mosquitoes, it isn’t practical to make a fire or burn something every time you want to spend some time outside.

Check out our mosquito repellent that’s safe (when used as directed) and effective. It’s guaranteed to keep mosquitoes out of your yard!