Does Sage Repel Mosquitoes?

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  December 14, 2021

Sage, a member of the mint family, is a must-have in the kitchen, especially for lovers of Italian food.

Can it be used for more than just cooking, though? We know that its relatives, such as spearmint and peppermint, have documented effectiveness at repelling mosquitoes naturally.

But does sage repel mosquitoes?

Does Sage Repel Mosquitoes?

Sage’s ability to repel mosquitoes doesn’t have much official scientific research. Yet, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that sage repels mosquitoes.

Studies have been done to determine insect repellency rates of cherry sage essential oil, which showed promising results! It was able to repel insects with around 60% efficacy rates. Clearly, sage does have some type of proven insect repellent ability, even if it wasn’t studied on mosquitoes.

Sage isn’t the only aromatic herb that repels mosquitoes — basil, lavender, rosemary, and mint are proven to keep mosquitoes away. Plant some around the house to naturally repel insects, and have fresh seasoning for dinner!

Does Burning Sage Repel Mosquitoes?

Yes, burning sage does repel mosquitoes! However, we aren’t sure if it’s the smoke or properties of the sage itself.

This is inconclusive because the majority of those who claim sage repels mosquitoes are burning it. We already know that smoke repels mosquitoes, so this makes it difficult to determine if sage itself is responsible for repelling mosquitoes. It’s hard to conclude if the chemical compounds released from the sage are what is working, or just the smoke in general.

How to Use Sage to Repel Mosquitoes

If you decide you want to try your hand at using sage as a mosquito repellent in another way besides burning it, topical application is a fairly straightforward alternative.

There are a couple of ways to use sage as a natural mosquito repellent:

  • Crush the leaves for topical use – First, the easiest method is to rub the leaves on your clothes and skin. For the best chance of this working, crush the leaves to allow more oils to transfer.
  • Apply sage essential oil – Another, slightly more involved method, is to dilute about five drops of sage oil into a fourth cup of carrier oil and apply small dabs on a non-sensitive area of your skin. Make sure to test the solution on a small part of the skin to ensure no reaction occurs and do not apply to the face.

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