Go Solar

April 4, 2020

#ComingSoon. @SprinklerMagic1 is proud to announce we’re going to be adding a #NEW#solarpower addition to our popular v.6 Sprinkler Magician Automated Property Treatment Systems. Stay tuned for updates or #call today for information.

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How Often to Treat

April 1, 2020

To inhibit mosquitos Mosquito Magician should be applied at regular intervals. If you’re using the automated Sprinkler Magician machine, this can be as often as 2x per week. If you’re using a pump or backpack sprayer, then 1x every couple weeks is all that’s required.

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Mosquitos and Coronavirus

March 27, 2020

As we continue dealing with #CoronavirusOutbreak that has taken 25,035 people since January 1, 2020, let’s #Remember that in that same time #Mosquitos have taken almost 900,000. Now is the time to contact @SprinklerMagic1 to get ready for the next threat.

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Take Care of Spring Mosquitos Now

January 6, 2020

Prepare for #spring Mosquitos now. Don’t wait for the warm #weather hatch to start taking care of those pesky biting bugs. Mosquito Magician concentrate will eliminate larva before they turn into mosquitos

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New Years 2020

December 27, 2019

Looking forward to #NewYear2020. New #website and others way to connect with us. Also, look for our New Years specials including discounts on Spinkler Magician machine add-ons and other #special.

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Sprinkler Magician Testimonial Kelly

December 11, 2019

Kelly is a FL resident who installed Sprinkler Magician in her home several months ago. She has been using the system regularly utilizing the Mosquito Magician concentrate and fertilizer concentrate to beautify and protect her home. The results are fantastic. Here’s her story.

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Sprinkler Magician – Overview

October 21, 2019

AUTOMATED PROPERTY TREATMENT SYSTEMS Resellers Click Here Going green has never been this easy. Have a beautiful green, pest-free yard using safe natural products that care for your family, pets and the environment! Imagine having a system that was able to treat your whole yard for anything you might need to apply. With Sprinkler Magician […]

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To Swat or Not to Swat: Facts About Mosquitoes

April 4, 2018

Mosquitoes may be one of the smallest critters on earth, but they are also at the top of the list of most annoying.  Like ticks, spiders and snakes, not many people are fans of theirs. One branch of science, entomologists, study insects.  Fortunately, among entomologists, a few are willing to study those buzzy little blood […]

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Action Termite and Pest Control in Texas has joined the Mosquito Magician team!

August 24, 2017

Action Termite and Pest Control in Texas has joined the Mosquito Magician team! Welcome! They carry the full line of Mosquito Magician products. For all your mosquito killing and repelling needs, please contact: Ray Atchley Phone: (281)761-8011 Email: If you live in Texas, reach out to him for a consultation!

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